Run, Duck, and Cover?

The Chinese Newspaper Jilin Daily (吉林日报) surprised many by issuing a full page spread discussing general knowledge about nuclear weapons, and what to do in the event of a nuclear war or accident. With North Korea testing missiles and U.S. political rhetoric being wildly provocative, this story may be timely, but does little to calm one down.

The images below are from the section on precautions against radiation. I’ve added captions loosely summarizing the advice that followed them.

Honest Indian : Fisher Stevens’ double ‘Indian’ roles

Stevens as Ben Jabituya

Not too long ago, Aziz Ansari made waves by reminding us all that the wacky Indian character in the Short Circuit movies was actually played by Fisher Stevens, a non-Indian.

Fisher Stevens

This has been recognized as a core example of Hollywood whitewashing, both cheating an Indian actor out of a rare mainstream role, and perpetuating stereotypes in a caricatured performance.

What many fail to realize, is that Fisher was cast because of his great experience in ‘ethnic’ roles. In fact, he managed to play a very different ‘Indian’ in the very same year!

No, he wasn’t the Cleveland Indian’s mascot, but was an unnamed ‘Indian Chief’ In Shelley Duvall’s American Tall Tales series’ episode  Ponce De Leon. [WATCH BELOW]

(Anti?)-Trump images with your Pizza in Beijing


Tube Station Pizza , a Beijing chain offering large “American-style” Pizza is giving away commemorative glasses with the purchase of any milkshake! The corporate logo is on one side, and the other features a cartoon of Donald Trump as a frog, standing on his promised wall, with a crowd of Sombrero wearing Mexicans flipping him off as he takes their avocado.

Trump has been often been drawn as the recently-deceased internet sensation, Pepe the anthropomorphic, and sometimes racist, frog. American politics being what they are, it isn’t entirely clear if such  depictions are created by Trump’s supporters or critics.

Similarly, it isn’t clear what message Tube Station is trying to send with the souvenir glasses.

Trump Can Read. Watch Trump Read.

This press conference confirms that Trump can read, but shows that it is clearly a chore. His inflection is stilted, and he barely takes his eyes off the page.

He also conspicuously shifts his head left and right between pages as he reads, making it possible to count how many words appear on each page of his transcript. The average is slightly higher than 70 words per pageYou’ve now read that many words in this post.

That means his script is probably written in about a 36 point font like this.

He does sometimes wear reading glasses, and might simply prefer ridiculously large fonts.

At any rate, the cringe-worthy awkwardness of seeing him struggle through a page of text is still preferable to hearing him adlib, which results in gems like this, “going it alone means going it with lots of other nations. ” [@15:38]

National Security Education Day, Suzhou


National Security Education Day in China is a special time for cartoon propaganda, and this year is no exception. The Suzhou State Security Bureau has created a cartoon guide to China’s national security law, broken into three parts:

  1. Leaders’ views on National Security– From Mao to Xi.
  2. Key content of the National Security Law, with illustrations reciting core provisions.
  3. Cautionary Cases – 3 examples that are actually 2.

While the design of the entire comic, with its sometimes racially charged imagery, is sure to get folks’ attention, it’s the section on cautionary tales that is most interesting. (full booklet found below as scanned in by another site)


Cautionary Case 1

 In October of 2013, Mr. Zhao, who had worked as a reporter in X County for 30 years, was compromised by a foreign website. Zhao was enticed to use his job to steal  the local government’s classified materials as well as military secrets; and reported these to the foreign website, receiving 70,000 RMB in fees as a spy. In January 2015, the county’s intermediate people’s court convicted Zhao for prying into state secrets and sentenced him to 7 years imprisonment , and 2 years deprivation of political rights. [No word on why the foreign agent not wearing shoes].


Cautionary Tale 2

In looking for work online, Mr. Gu was enticed to defect by a foreign website, and entered a military unit based in Suzhou 29 times, sending 93 pictures,  22 labeled maps, 25 satellite maps, and 29 visit reports to the foreign website; receiving more than 30,000 RMB.




Cautionary Tale 3:

In February 2015, Gu’s arrest was carried out by the Suzhou state security bureau.

[This is labeled as a separate case, although it seems to be a continuation of case 2. If this is the same Gu, was he ever given a trial or  sentence?  If it isn’t the same Gu, what warning should we take from his arrest?]