American President Challenges Judicial Independence

[Covering the US with foreign media tropes] In a worrying indication of deteriorating rule of law in the United States, the American President has again attacked the independence of the nation’s courts. Following an adverse ruling that found the president’s controversial anti-immigration policies unlawful, the president accused the presiding judge …

The Probable Artist

If an infinite number of monkeys are placed before an infinite number of typewriters, one of them will eventually produce the complete works of Shakespeare And we did it too; row after endless row of monkeys diligently slamming away at their identical IBM model 315s as far as the eye …

Run, Duck, and Cover?

The Chinese Newspaper Jilin Daily (吉林日报) surprised many by issuing a full page spread discussing general knowledge about nuclear weapons, and what to do in the event of a nuclear war or accident. With North Korea testing missiles and U.S. political rhetoric being wildly provocative, this story may be timely, but does little to calm one down.

The images below are from the section on precautions against radiation. I’ve added captions loosely summarizing the advice that followed them.