Trump Can Read. Watch Trump Read.

This press conference confirms that Trump can read, but shows that it is clearly a chore. His inflection is stilted, and he barely takes his eyes off the page.

He also conspicuously shifts his head left and right between pages as he reads, making it possible to count how many words appear on each page of his transcript. The average is slightly higher than 70 words per pageYou’ve now read that many words in this post.

That means his script is probably written in about a 36 point font like this.

He does sometimes wear reading glasses, and might simply prefer ridiculously large fonts.

At any rate, the cringe-worthy awkwardness of seeing him struggle through a page of text is still preferable to hearing him adlib, which results in gems like this, “going it alone means going it with lots of other nations. ” [@15:38]

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