American President Challenges Judicial Independence

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In a worrying indication of deteriorating rule of law in the United States, the American President has again attacked the independence of the nation’s courts. Following an adverse ruling that found the president’s controversial anti-immigration policies unlawful, the president accused the presiding judge of partisanship, suggesting their holding was based on loyalty to the previous administration.

The leader of the nation’s Supreme Court, known as the “Chief Justice”, took the unusual step of publicly criticizing the President and asserting the court’s neutrality. This move is all the more surprising as Chief Justice Roberts is himself affiliated with the President’s Republican or ‘Grand Old’ Party, and has worked in various capacities for several republican administrations before joining the judiciary.

This is not the first time the president has attacked the judiciary. In racially-charged language that has typified his presidency; he once complained that a judge of Mexican heritage would be unable to conduct a fair trial. He has also previously questioned the legitimacy of a judges as ‘so-called’ judges when they ruled against him.

The president’s comments followed a national legislative election, that while tainted with accusations of fraud and foul play on both sides, was viewed by many as a repudiation of the administration’s agenda. Some America-Watchers fear that the renewed attempt to undermine the courts may be an indication that the president is seeking to solidify his personal power as his control over the legislature wains.

The president remains entangled in an ongoing federal investigation regarding collaboration with foreign powers to install him as the nation’s chief executive.


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